Picture gallery / File manager

The picture gallery is a great solution for clients who need to show pictures on their website (real estate brokers, construction companies, hairdressing salons etc.). The present module can be used to create various different galleries and to add a description to the pictures, among other things. 

The pictures add emotions to the website and help to improve the provision of information to users. It is useful to upload high-quality pictures of Your products in order to influence purchase decisions. Pictures about corporate events and the office interior may have a positive effect on job-seekers, but clients who are looking for information about the product will not be interested in these. So such pictures should be displayed on a separate page.

The file manager is a module for the management of all the files connected with the website – pictures, documents etc. The file manager is a uniform built-in module which is connected with all other parts of the CMS (content management software). The file manager can be used to upload, view, change and delete items, such as pictures used in the text editor to illustrate the content and the articles. It is also possible to use the file manager to change and modify files uploaded in other parts of the CMS.